Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kennel of My City

------- -----KENNEL OF MY CITY ------------
KENNEL OF MY CITY- Ichrak photo exhibition theme(Sept15-Oct30)

Greetings to all,

KENNEL OF MY CITY. --new theme for next round of Ichrak photo exhibition( Sept15-Oct 30).Each Artist will submit 6 photos which will present kennel slave's life: slaver's punishment,training, chores. joy and sad emotions.,, what do you see the journey that a girl become a pleasing kajira ? Please come and see the best gorean art work. GPR will boardcast live on SEPT 15, 1-3PM SLT. contact Lov'A ( ladylisafwd resident ) for sign-up form and more info. application deadline is Sept14

Gorean Photo Exhibition events in Ichrak will follow principles as below

  1. Events will encourage gorean photographers to show their talents in gorean community.
  2. Events should NOT damage photographer's reputation but improve it.
  3. Events aim to create friendly learning environment among Gorean photographers, sharing experience and skill. 
  4. Events aim to improve photographer's business, not damage it (welcome more creative ideas) 
  5. photographers might get business request through event, to avoid price competition. DISCUSSING BUSINESS THROUGH EVENTS IS NOT ALLOWED but photographers can book appt. with clients and discuss outside of events. 
  6. please write a short introduction about yourself (less 50 words, about your name,  your owner's      name if you are slave, homestone city,  and your passion about photography) . 

Lov'A ( ladylisafwd resident) ,
Owner: Ichrak Ubar Assiak ( assiak resident ) ,
Home:  City of Ichrak
Passion: I love photography, start to learn it as time goes, i did most portraits, i wish to explore more skill on PS to enchance photo...

  • Please drop your profile photo ( full perm) to set up showcase boutique for you. 

  • Please drop 6 expo gorean photography art work here 

Your participation will indicate that you agree to follow above principles, and also allow Ichrak photo event  to mention your name through GPR (Gorean Portal Radio) through event period time ( Sept 15-Oct.30 );

Event notices will be sent to 4 major gorean groups as well.. which will cover most of gorean community.
Please send this form back to Ubar Assiak ( Assiak Resident ) or Lov'A ( LadyLisaFWD Resident )
we will set up your boutique at  Ichrak Island 􀀀  welcome to visit and have fun !!

Ichrak First Girl Lov'A